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Why Choose BWGraphics.com Over Other Printers?

Why Choose BWGraphics.com Over Other Printers?

While surrounded by plenty of other print shops and tons of online options, you might be asking yourself, why should I choose B-W Graphics and what makes them different?

1. Years of experience
Rachel and Larry Boatright started B-W Graphics is 1969 in their home and we have been growing and expanding ever since. That is over 48 years of experience to be taken advantage of to create the marketing materials to increase your own business ventures.

2. Family owned and operated
B-W Graphics is now a 3 generation family operated printing corporation. Larry and Rachel started the business of course and then Wally, their son and Terry, their son-in law jumped on board in the 90’s. In 2009, Whitney, the granddaughter of Larry and Rachel and Terry’s daughter, came to work. How blessed we are to be with family. Not every family owned business can say what a blessing it is to be with one another day in and day out but we can!

3. Variety of services
B-W Graphics offers many different printing services under one roof. We try to be your one stop print shop making it convenient for everyone while serving all the needs one might have. Below is a list of our many services, some of them might surprise you!

Digital Printing: B-W Graphics offers digital paper printing on items such as business cards, brochures, newsletters, postcards, flyers, letterhead and envelopes just to name a few. Printing is offered on a huge array for paper options such as glossy, matte, linen, etc. Imprinting can be done in both full color and black and white to be sure we capture the essence you are striving for!

Offset Printing: B-W Graphics offers offset printing on items such as brochures, envelopes, postcards, flyers, letterhead and newsletters. Offset printing is meant for larger quantities to allow us the opportunity to offer these items at a more cost effective price for our customers. We can print black and white up to 2 colors in house which allow for a pristine price and fantastic quality product for every customer!

Wide Format Printing: B-W Graphics offers wide format printing on items such as banner, signs, canvas prints, decals and vehicle graphics. This printing process is done in house which allows us to offer a quick turn when needed to the local and not so local customer! Full color or black and white it’s your choice!

Laser Engraving: B-W Graphics is now offering laser engraving. This is our newest printing method that has just been added in January of 2017. We are so excited about this printing method as it gives us the opportunity to print on items like stainless steel tumblers (yetis, arctic and ozark trail to name a few), nameplates, name tags, wood, aluminum, and much more!

Screen Printing: B-W Graphics offers screen printing on the apparel of your choice! With the ability to print up to 6 color in house on your choice of garment allows us to create the custom look for your event or business. Imprint locations include left chest, right chest, sleeves, full fronts, full backs, back tags! We can print on t-shirts, polos, bags, hats, wood, canvas, hooded sweatshirts, crewneck sweatshirts, can coolies and much more!

Embroidery: B-W Graphics offers embroidery in house on the garment of your choosing. With the ability to use up to 15 different thread colors in your design you’re sure to get the look you have been searching for. We can stitch on polos, t-shirts, towels, sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts, hats and so much more! Be sure to check out our new wearable store located on our website www.bwgraphics.com and click on wearable store! There you can design your own embroidered pieces! 

Sublimation: B-W Graphics offers full color sublimation processes in house for smaller pieces. Sublimation is a process that dyes the polymers in a special coating applied to a wide variety of products! Products like nameplates, name tags, mugs, cutting boards, dog tags and much more! This processes allows us to create custom gifts in just a few days that wouldn’t be available elsewhere!

Vinyl: B-W Graphics offers vinyl products cut to your specifications. Our vinyl types can be put on vehicles, magnets, glass and apparel! Our designers work closely with our customers to create the perfect vinyl lettering, decal or imprint. This process allows us to offer low minimums to our customers at a cost effective price.

Promotional Items: B-W Graphics works with over 40,000, that’s right, 40,000 suppliers! We are able to offer our customers items like pens, mugs, tumblers, fidget spinners, usb drives, slinkies, stress relievers, can coolies, bags and much much more! Check out our promo shop located at http://www.promoplace.com/bwgraphic... request your quote today!

4. Graphic Design Services
B-W Graphics has 3 talented Graphic Designers on staff to assist our customers in creating their product of choice! Their many years of experience in the print industry allow them to create a look for you that will look and print professionally to increase your overall appearance in your industry. If you look professional you’re more likely to reach the type of customer you need to advance in your market of choice.

5. Mailing Services
B-W Graphics will not only print your paper pieces we will also mail them for you! Offering many different mailing options to fit every budget and every need. EDDM’s are a very popular choice right now which allows you to saturate the route of your choice at a low per piece mail rate. Of course that is just one option so be sure to give us a call when you want to do your next mailing!

We hope this had given you an insight to B-W Graphics as a whole and you can see why we would be a fantastic choice for all of your printing needs! Check out our website www.bwgraphics.com to see all of the options available at your fingertips or come in and see us! We are located at 101 westview drive in Versailles Missouri!

P: 573.378.6363 E: customerservice@bwgraphics.com Fax: 573.378.5337

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